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Think digital! Discover why contractors should not sleep through digitization

April 05, 2023
Hatz Digital
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It's dusty, dirty and rough on the construction site. Heavy machinery, noisy surroundings. That doesn't seem to fit with digitization, or does it? Digitization is no longer just associated with big tech companies like Microsoft or Apple. Everyone can discover the advantages of new technologies for themselves and work comfortably and efficiently with them - even in the construction industry. 

Clearly, this is not an exclusive opinion of mine. There is a reason why one of the leading themes of Bauma 2022 was the "Digital Construction Site". With its Machines in Construction (MiC) 4.0 working group, the German Engineering Federation is also highlighting the need for digital networking of construction machinery and construction infrastructure. The Machines in Construction (MiC) 4.0 working group is working on uniform, cross-manufacturer digital standards. And I fully endorse this opinion. In order to pursue this approach consistently, we need more companies in the industry that support an efficient exchange of information via interfaces. What does this exchange of information caused by digitalization actually bring to construction site operations? 

More productivity, more efficiency 

Those who connect their machines digitally have a clear overview of their position and their operating data at all times. Conversely, this means that if a machine is not performing satisfactorily, this can be viewed transparently. Countermeasures can be taken, capital goods can be protected and scheduling can be optimized. In short, digitally networked machines can be used more efficiently and the ROI increases. In addition, targeted maintenance management optimizes machine utilization and leads to higher productivity of the individual machines and better performance on the entire construction site. 

With efficient fleet management of their machines, you gain an economic advantage over your competitors. Compact machines in particular offer great leverage here, as you usually have a large number of machines in use from this equipment class. Monitoring and optimizing these without digital support would otherwise require a considerable amount of time. Who wouldn't want to save time efficiently here? 

Maximize security, protect resources  

But it's not just productivity that increases with digitization on the construction site. Full networking also makes sense from a safety perspective - for both man and machine. Digitally connected machines allow transparent operational monitoring. With increasing automation of work processes, precautions are needed against unforeseen damage to the environment, i.e. to the infrastructure or people on the construction site. To support a safe working environment, machines equipped with appropriate algorithms are already doing their part to actively warn operators of hazards. 

Conserve machinery, inspire customers 

Finally, a look into the future: Digitally connected machines can instruct unskilled machine operators how to operate them optimally. This protects the machines, but also makes it easier for unskilled workers to get started. This is an aspect that will become increasingly important in the future in view of the omnipresent shortage of skilled workers. 

Last but not least, new business models can be realized with machines that are digitally connected to the fleet management system. They no longer sell the standing time of the machine on the construction site, but the actual compacted area. That will also be possible in the future. In this way, they differentiate themselves from the competition, make the process transparent for their customers, and thus make their company attractive for potential clients. 

As you can see: Anyone who underestimates digitization is missing out on many advantages and potential for the future. Think digital! 

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 Your Dr. Maren Hellwig 

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