Maximum availability for the construction industry

Whether in road construction or on private or municipal construction sites – when construction machinery and equipment break down, it delays the process and can result in high follow-up costs. Our digital services help to prevent this from happening in the first place.

Avoid machinery downtime

Our digital solutions make your construction machinery transparent. We show you the operating hours and the expected maintenance date of the engine on your construction machinery or equipment. This allows you to perfectly plan maintenance intervals without causing delays on the construction site. Our IoT dashboard is also linked to our spare parts store and service network. We also show you the contact information of the nearest service partners as well as the necessary maintenance kits for the upcoming maintenance interval. This keeps your machinery available and ready to go when you need them.

Optimize machinery scheduling

What is the utilization rate of your construction machinery? Which construction site has unused equipment that would be better deployed elsewhere? We provide you with the answers to these questions. By monitoring speed and displaying unwanted idling phases, you can see at a glance where you can optimize your machinery scheduling. Your machinery can run more efficiently and requires less maintenance.

Fuel consumption monitoring is also possible, enabling you to set up your operations sustainably and prepare for future environmental regulations, today. Fleet management par excellence, even for smaller construction equipment. In this way, you can complete construction sites and contracts as quickly as possible and with maximum productivity. Your customers will thank you.

Prevent theft

Smaller construction equipment in particular is often stolen from construction sites. This causes enormous follow-up expenses and costs. With our geopositioning services, you always have an eye on the location of your construction machinery – even when it is switched off. This makes it much easier to track down stolen machinery. With our geofencing features, you can also ensure that your construction machinery and equipment is only ready for use on the designated construction site. This puts a stop to third-party use. More security for your assets, less effort searching for machinery or on legal issues with insurance companies or government authorities – our localization services make it possible.

All machinery at a glance

With our IoT modules and fleet management solutions, you can quickly and easily bring your machinery into the digital age. Just connect the engine to the IoT module, register in the IoT manager, register the engine and select the visualization option to get all the relevant data at a glance. Benefit from more convenience with automatic feature updates via a mobile network. Since our digital solutions can also be integrated into third-party systems on demand, you have flexibility in your choice of fleet management software and can make your operations future-proof.

Benefit from Hatz Digital Solutions

Our Performance Tracking comes in three different variations:  

  • Do you already have a fleet management system and want to extend it with our solutions? No problem, try our Basic Plan.
  • If you want to benefit from higher data update rates and our Hatz IoT dashboard, choose the Advanced Plan. 
  • Do you want to leverage the full potential for your entire machinery fleet? Then ask for the Pro Plan.

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