Security and transparency for your rental machinery

As a rental company for construction machinery, construction equipment or agricultural machinery, you place very expensive technology in the hands of your customers and hope that they will handle the vehicles and machinery with care. However, rental fleet operators don’t know whether their machinery will actually be used in accordance with the contract. We close this knowledge gap with our Hatz Digital Solutions.

Prevent theft and machinery misuse

Rental machinery is often targeted by thieves. In addition, rented machinery is rarely operated properly. The result is loss or damage to the vehicles and equipment and subsequent high costs and time spent on repairs or litigation.

With our digitally connected machinery, you have an overview of the operation and location of your assets. You can see the position of the machine displayed in our IoT Dashboard (or in your connected fleet management system), along with all relevant operating parameters. Our geofencing allows you to set a positional perimeter and receive a notification when leaving this positional perimeter. This makes it quick and easy to track down lost equipment, prevent misuse and resolve questions about the cause of damage. The result is more security for your machinery, making your job as a rental company easier.

Know what your rental fleet needs tomorrow

A digital overview of all your machinery and equipment gives machinery rental companies the knowledge you need to make the right investment decisions. Which machinery is overused? Which machinery is barely being used? You can view this information at any time with our Hatz Digital Solutions. Which applications have future potential? Which models need to be discontinued? You can find valid answers to these questions with our database. This will give you a competitive edge and make your rental fleet future-proof.

Maximum operational capability for your rental machinery

By displaying current operating data such as operating hours, speed, fuel consumption, error messages and upcoming maintenance intervals as well as corresponding alarm features, rental companies that rely on our Digital Solutions know when and where maintenance is imminent. Repairs and maintenance can be optimally planned, and machine downtime at the customer’s site is prevented. This increases the efficiency of your operations and ensures satisfied renters. You’ll benefit from the security of being able to complete your job sites and tasks as planned.

Easy to retrofit and integrate into your fleet management system

Thanks to the use of standard interfaces, you can also retroactively integrate your rental machinery into the digital world. All you need is our IoT module, which reads the engine data via a CAN-Bus and sends it to our servers via mobile communication. The IoT module is designed so robustly that it can even be installed close to the engine without affecting operation.

If you are a rental fleet operator already using a dedicated fleet management solution from a third-party provider or machinery manufacturer, this isn’t an obstacle. Our engine and machine data can be seamlessly integrated into these systems as well, thanks to the use of standard AEMP 2.0 digital interfaces.

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