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For reliable workshops, functional testing after hardware installations is an important quality feature. Hatz Digital Solutions also offers a corresponding free solution for the Hatz IoT module. We support you easily through the Hatz Connection Check App.

Hatz Connection Check Web App

The IoT module is a plug & play hardware solution - for optimal operation, the installation location on the machine is crucial. You will find simple assistance for installation in our installation and operating instructions. You can count on our Hatz Connection Check App for functional testing for optimal connection to the mobile network as well as a functioning geopositioning. Simply scan the individual QR code on the IoT module, follow the link and off you go. You will be guided step by step until the engine and IoT module are paired. And should any problems arise, we have useful tips on how to solve them. So you can be sure you've done the best job possible - and it's all free!

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