Digitizing engines for maximum customer benefit

No one understands engines and drives better than we do. Since 1880, we have been dedicated to developing powerful, robust and efficient diesel engines as well as high-quality drive components, pumps and generating sets. Our goal is to make life easier for our customers. We accomplish this with Hatz Digital Solutions. We make the necessary and relevant information about the operation of your machinery and equipment available anytime, anywhere in the world.

Hatz Digital Solutions takes your company to a new level, ​making it more efficient, more economical and helping you focus on your core business.​

User-friendly software based on perfect hardware

Hatz is much more than a manufacturer of excellent diesel engines. Our vision is zero emissions. For years, we have been researching and developing drive technologies that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Real advancements in drive technology require digital expertise. For electrically driven machinery and electronically controlled engines, bits and bytes are just as important as the available horsepower. We have successfully developed this digital expertise, as evidenced by the numerous innovation awards we have won in recent years.

“Our customers benefit from excellence in both hardware and software. No one builds better drives than we do, and no one understands better what is going on at the heart of the machinery. This understanding enables us to assess its condition and derive recommendations for action, which we make available to machine operators in a user-friendly manner. It’s an excellent mix that gives Hatz Digital Solutions users a competitive edge.” – Dr. Maren Hellwig


Hatz digital support meets classic engine service

We’re at your side with advice and support. From setup, commissioning, to helping with questions about using the IoT Dashboard, our digital support leaves nothing to be desired. Direct contacts are here to help when things have to happen quickly. Extensive documentation and tutorials round off the support we offer.

If you need service for your machinery or engines, we’ve integrated our maintenance and workshop network into our IoT Dashboard. This gives you an overview of where to find the nearest service location, how to contact it and even initial recommendations on the necessary maintenance kits.

Hardware and software from a single source

Our Digital Solutions offering includes the following products and is suitable for the engines specified:

  • IMG S1 IoT module including wiring harness for all electronically controlled motors of the E1 and H series

  • Management platform to manage licenses for your registered engines

  • Licenses for visualization of structured information in the Basic, Advanced and Pro Packages

Hatz - Specialist for industrial engines

Hatz is a globally active independent specialist for 1- to 4-cylinder. Our diesel engines are used in all areas of application, for example in construction machinery, compressors, commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery, gensets, overhead and material handling vehicles, and ships. Hatz develops and manufactures diesel engines in a power range from 1.5 to 64 kW.

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