Performance Tracking Advanced: Condition Monitoring for Compact Machinery

Hatz Performance Tracking Advanced is our package for machine operators who do not yet use their own fleet management system and want to take the efficiency of their compact equipment fleet to the next level.

Condition Monitoring Made Simple

Performance Tracking Advanced gives you access to our digital IoT dashboard, the comprehensive information center for monitoring all machines linked to Hatz Performance Tracking Advanced. Our all-in-one solution thus supports you in the digital monitoring and optimization of the operation and maintenance of your compact equipment.

More Knowledge About Your Business

  • Unlimited management platform

  • Data update in 5 min.

  • Hatz IoT Dashboard

  • Engine status e.g. total operating hours, current fuel consumption, error codes, warnings

  • Information about machine manufacturer, machine type, machine serial number, number of machines that did not run in the last 7 days

  • Location of machine with position, time, date geofencing & theft prevention

More Knowledge For More Success

Everything From A Single Source

    • Browser-based Hatz IoT Dashboard makes data access quick and easy
    • Information advantage through data provision from the engine manufacturer, the key component of compact machines
    • Hatz IoT module for the toughest applications, from vibratory plates to floor saws
    • Optimized transparency and efficiency of operating processes and higher productivity of the machine fleet

Avoid Idle Time, Maximize Efficiency

    • Load percentage display to analyze fleet productivity
    • Avoid engine-damaging idling
    • Save money and emissions through efficient fuel and machine use
    • Optimization of disposition by displaying unused machines

Plan Maintenance  Perfectly

    • Operating hours display until the next service for planning precise maintenance measures
    • Avoid unplanned machine downtimes
    • Indication of the nearest service partner including contact options directly in the Hatz IoT Dashboard

Prevent theft

    • Localization services to show and document machine location
    • Geofencing functionality to
      control the contractual use of your machines
    • Quickly locate stolen or missing machines

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