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Performance Tracking: The right choice for every need

April 05, 2023
Hatz Digital
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No matter what the digitization ecosystem of your construction or rental business looks like, the three Hatz Performance Tracking license packages offer you the range of services you need. They are optimized for beginners, advanced users and professionals or large enterprises.  

Every business is different, in terms of its size, its equipment and the degree of digitalization in its own business. Some companies have already fully digitized their processes and business, while others are still at the beginning. That is not surprising as the requirements of smaller family businesses compared to very large international construction companies are completely different. 

One base, different expansion stages  

That's why we at Hatz Digital Solutions offer our Performance Tracking digitization solution for compact equipment in three license levels: "Basic", "Advanced" and "Pro". This allows both companies that are just taking their first steps regarding the digital connection of their machines and large companies that already have an established digital structure to benefit from the advantages.   

Regardless of the license model, however, Hatz Performance Tracking always works the same way: mount the IoT module on the machine, wire it to the engine control unit, run the Hatz Connection Check, register the engine in the Digital Solutions Manager administration platform, read out data, and reap the benefits. Below we briefly introduce the different packages.   

Performance Tracking Basic   

The Basic package is primarily aimed at companies that already use a fleet management solution and now want to integrate Performance Tracking into it. Engines can be connected to common fleet management software systems via the standard interface AEMP-2.0. Once integrated, the engine's operating data can be called up such as fuel consumption or the operating hours display. This allows machine scheduling or maintenance intervals to be optimized.   

The Basic variant offers a data update interval of 15 minutes. The "Reporting" add-on, which provides information on the most important operating values via push notifications, can also be added to the Basic version.   

Performance Tracking Advanced   

The Advanced package provides machine operators with a complete solution from a single source to get started with fleet management. The operating information of the connected Hatz engines can be displayed directly in the Hatz IoT Dashboard. This makes it possible to establish geofencing. This allows their machines to be more secure against theft and misuse. With the "Alarm Manager" add-on, they are also immediately informed if their construction equipment is moved out of the prescribed area. Furthermore, in the event of service, the nearest workshops and service partners can be identified and contacted directly in the Hatz IoT Dashboard, and additional information on the original spare parts required can be called up. This again significantly minimizes the downtime of your machines.   

Data is updated every 5 minutes when using the Advanced package. With the combination of Hatz IoT Module, Hatz IoT Dashboard and the smart connection of the other Hatz services, machine operators receive an all-round carefree package that enables them to optimally exploit digital potential for their machine operation all at once.    

Performance Tracking Pro   

Individual and without influencing the user experience, this is how our Performance Tracking Pro fits into the software world of demanding users. We adapt the provision of our operating data to existing software systems, this allows for familiar software interfaces to remain unchanged. Users have full control over what is displayed where and when. The parameters and update rate are set individually by the customer, and we integrate them as desired. Since the Pro package is comprehensive integration work, the price depends heavily on the scope of the project and therefore cannot be quantified in a lump sum. Nevertheless, please feel free to contact us with your needs and expand your "digital fleet" with your compact equipment. 

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