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Performance Tracking Pro: That bit more

April 05, 2023
Hatz Digital
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Want to know more and make better decisions without additional effort? That's Performance Tracking Pro. We seamlessly integrate Hatz engine data into existing management systems. 

What can be disturbing in private life is twice as disturbing in everyday working life. Digital services that use their own logins and user interfaces take up valuable time for familiarization. In addition, the operator always has to familiarize himself with the new software solution adjustments every time the service changes. This is a time-consuming and costly resource that could be used for more profitable tasks. 

More knowledge with a familiar system 

Hatz Digital Solutions understands this and that's why we give companies that already use established management software the opportunity to seamlessly integrate our data and services. With our Performance Tracking Pro package, we deliver your desired data to where you need it.  You use your existing system; you don't need additional software or additional login credentials after integration. Your user experience remains the same, your information base is expanded and optimized. 

Data as unique as your business 

In addition to the user experience customization, our Pro Package allows you to read out individual engine parameters and also enter them individually in terms of time. For example, you can have the fuel consumption of the last 24 hours or the last 30 days sent to you - exactly as you require this value. Perfect for tracking your company's use of resources and optimizing your machine operation for maximum sustainability and profitability. No matter what engine data you need, you set the parameters and update rate, and our system delivers. 

Implementing new business models 

This supports, for example, the digital transformation of previous rental and billing models. Invoicing according to the actual hours or even minutes worked is just as possible as tracking the misuse of the machine.  

Individual and without influencing the user experience, this is how our Performance Tracking Pro fits into the software cosmos of demanding users. Find out more about the benefits of the package here or contact us using the contact options on the right-hand side of the screen. 

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